Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Age of Technology!??

In this age of technology the changing of addresses and telephone numbers should be easy. The changing of electronic accounts should be easier.

For instance:
This is my new address, can I have a phone number please?
This is my new phone number can you put my broadband account on that line please.
There is a marker on the line Mrs Parkinson Can you remove it please?

You would think there would be nothing simpler than to fulfil these requests.
BUT 4 weeks later I am told that my telephone number is OK now and the marker that was there has now been removed but I still have to wait another 2 weeks for my broadband.
Well yes I could cancel my account but that will take to the end of February!!!!

A'int technology grand?! Or is it the red tape and the people that cause the trouble?
I have my theories.

For now I am stuck with dial up and paying as I go - wonder if the broadband and telephone line providers will pay my bill.
Don't suppose the technology will let them.

Hmm, the spell checker doesn't like dial up! If I have made any spillinggg mestiks plese 4give.