Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Book

Onto the next project in Sue Bleiweiss' Mixed Media Class.

This time we were using mulberry bark fibre.
This had already been dyed by Steph Francis, it comes in some fantastic colours.
I got mine from Joggles.

Again another fun project bonding the fibre to wool felt and adding metallic foil to give it a bit of ooomf!

We made an accordion book to go inside the covers.
I folded up the bottom of my pages so now it is just the right size to hold ATC's.
I have left the holder blank so the details of the ATC can be added here.
A storage problem solved!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unlimited Textiles

**********Thank you all for the wonderful response to the call for new members.
We now have a wonderful, vibrant group, a full sign and a waiting list!!**********

My very good friend Jan and I run a little known Yahoo group called Unlimited Textiles.

We came on-line to keep in contact with our members that had moved away, were now at university or had jobs.
Sadly we have dwindled and would love to have some new members.

The group is textile based and low volume to allow for other commitments.
We like to run 2 swaps per month based on a theme.
For example the theme could be Layers and the swaps could be a mini quilt and a bookmark.

You will not have to do both swaps and indeed you will not be forced to swap - where is the fun in that.
But we hope you would enjoy being in our playground enough to join in share ideas and swap when you can.

We would like all abilities.
Perhaps you have been working with textiles for a long time.
Maybe you used textiles a long while ago and think you would like to get back to this great medium.
You may even have never attempted any thing with textiles but would love a fun and supportive group where you can learn.
If you like to share and create with textiles we would very much love you to join us.

We would like to keep the group small, perhaps limited to around 25 members. This way there is an influx of ideas but we will be able to get to know one another without pressure.

If you think you would like to come and join us in our playground please e-mail me (addy in my profile) for an invitation. Or leave a message here and I will get back to you.

Go on, come and play. Hugs, Alis and Jan.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Our next assignment on Sue B's course was to make this great box.

First we had to make the fabric for said box.
For this we fused all sorts of everything and anything together.

Searching for these goodies was when I found that wretched tissue paper.

I used bits of left over fabrics and experiments
from the organza flowers I have been playing with. Skeleton leaves, threads and fibres were also added.

I used some fabric that mum brought me from
Malaysia for the lining.
I love it it is just me and there was a lot of it so I still have more for other projects.

Next was cutting the box and putting it together.
It should have drawers inside. I have the pieces but just not got round to making them yet.
Promise to show you when I do.

I am thrilled with it and the process. What a wonderful use for the leftovers!
Actually I was so surprised when it was finished that it didn't look like leftovers but designed with care from the very start that I couldn't stop talking about it!

Sue always designs such great and fun projects.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mixed Media Class

During June I took a class with the most excellent Sue Bleiweiss.
It was through Joggles and the class was Mixed Media Surfaces.

Although I've not been too well recently, I did manage to play and really enjoy this course. Sue is so helpful and never lets you feel out of place for being a bit slow.
It also was a great group of girls on the course and it was wonderful to see their work.

The first thing we did was to make a fabric out of some tissue paper.

I knew I had a stack of tissue somewhere but could I find it? NO!
I could only find this dark purple. When it was painted and stamped though I was pleased with it.
Using my heart stamp here ;0)

It isn't very clear from these photos but I did some free machine embroidery over the piece with red rayon thread. Very regal, purple and red, don't you think?

We made the fabric into book covers.
I edged mine with the same red thread and made a cord with fine ribbon on my Kumihimo disc.
The beads at the ends are made from the same tissue fabric.

I still felt it needed something else so made the heart motif by stamping into air drying clay and painting it purple and red. I attached it with a piece of the red ribbon.

I love the way this fabric feels and am pretty pleased with my journal cover.
Just have to make the pages to go inside now.

The missing tissue?
Yes, it turned up when I was searching round for things for the second project in this course.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mini Cushion/Pillow

This is the last piece I have made for the Personal Symbols course.

It is a mini cushion or pillow depending on which part of the world you come from.

This was great fun and I have actually made a few more since but this is the original.

It measures 8 inches squarish.
I painted the fabric and used my own stamps.
I have been rubber stamping for 20 years so I get a kick out of using my own designs - sorry.

The lines in the center are strips of painted Lutradur used throughout this course and stitched to the cushion. The edges are satin stitched.

This has been a great course I have learned a lot about the things stored in my head and how to get at them. Thanks Susan.

I have a couple of pieces to finish from this course and the fabrics are already painted and ready to go but, I started another course!
That is another story so watch this space!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Personal Symbols Painting

For this part of the Personal Symbols course with Susan Sorrell we painted a background on Lutradur and add some of our symbols to it.

I painted my background with Dye-na-flow paints and the symbols in a selection of Stewart Gill and Lumiere acrylic paints.
I added the details with Adirondack pens.

It is quite large for me this piece at 12" x 15".
It needs a bit more work and is hanging on my wall awaiting inspiration.
I think I will cut it to smaller pieces and use as an overlay and embellish the pieces with stitching and beads.
Probably quilties or maybe postcards!

I like these symbols and see a lot of things I can do with them. Must start writing them down or I will forget!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Postcard Swap

On ANUK, Kari organised a birthday postcard swap.
We sent her 6 postcards and we will get 6 different ones back to send to ANUK friends as birthday cards.

I haven't made postcards for a long, long time and never in fabric, so I thought I would have a go.
These are my attempts ;0)

The bottom two are collage on watercolour backgrounds and the others are fabric.
These came from a piece of fabric that I made for another project.
I really liked this textile but there wasn't enough left for another..... whatever really!
But there was enough to make these postcards - yippee!

My favourite is the one in the middle that you can't see because of the flashback. Typical!
But the lady is holding a piece of lace across her face. I put a sheer piece of fabric across the card to match.
A couple of others have little organza flowers on them.

A lovely project that I enjoyed making and will enjoy seeing the others. The best part though will be sending them on to the birthday girls. What a treat. Thanks Kari.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Book Cover for Roger

At the beginning of June my lovely Roger was 60. He is an unassuming man who doesn't like surprises and gets embarrassed at gifts - weird I know but I love him!

Laura and Toby surprised and embarrassed him by turning up unannounced ( we last saw Laura in January and Toby before Christmas, so it was a surprise) and armed with gifts.
We had a lovely weekend and once over the shock Roger enjoyed it too.

The thing is, what to get the man who says he doesn't want anything?
Well he collects and reads a lot of vintage books. He had said that he particularly liked one of my Africa pieces so , voila! I made a book cover to protect the book or books he is reading.

Yes he was surprised and embarrassed - again - but he is over it now and is thrilled with his pressie.
I just love that man ;0)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Here I am!!!

Well at last I am starting to feel like I am fighting my way back to normality - what ever that is!
But I am on the mend and glad to see the back of June.
Thanks to all who sent me lovely e-mails and good wishes. You really have helped.

Gosh what a June.
It was the wettest in the UK since records began. Sheffield has been the worst hit with major floods. Some people are still not back in their homes and won't be for quite a while.
I'm sorry for those of you who are suffering drought at the moment too. The weather is playing tricks on all of us. Nature will have its way.

So, I have played a little but not much but, am raring to go this week so watch this space!

However, I wanted to tell you about Jennifer Rossetti who runs the Etsy shop nellableu. Check her out!
This is some of her art. Her whimsical style never fails to make me smile and I just adore her cheeky blackbirds. I can almost hear them chirruping to each other.

I got these pieces in a give-away. I consider my self very lucky to have her art in my collection.
Thanks Jennifer.