Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mini Cushion/Pillow

This is the last piece I have made for the Personal Symbols course.

It is a mini cushion or pillow depending on which part of the world you come from.

This was great fun and I have actually made a few more since but this is the original.

It measures 8 inches squarish.
I painted the fabric and used my own stamps.
I have been rubber stamping for 20 years so I get a kick out of using my own designs - sorry.

The lines in the center are strips of painted Lutradur used throughout this course and stitched to the cushion. The edges are satin stitched.

This has been a great course I have learned a lot about the things stored in my head and how to get at them. Thanks Susan.

I have a couple of pieces to finish from this course and the fabrics are already painted and ready to go but, I started another course!
That is another story so watch this space!


Angelcat said...

And so you should get a kick out of using your own designs, the one you have used here on this cushion is beautiful!

Joanna van said...

Colors are lovely. Interesting to use Lutradur on a cushion.


StegArt said...

It's gorgeous!

Dianne said...

Beautiful colours - it's lovely!

Jennifer Rossetti said...

lovely! really lovely!

Papoosue said...

This is lovely Alis, again I love your use of colour - you really have an eye for that don't you!

Jill said...

Beautiful as always :o)
Jill x

Carol said...

Wow I love the colours. Simply gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful working with your own designs.

Homeleightigger said...

Absolutely yummy Alis - good enough to eat! Val

Micki said...

I like your designs and the cushion looks great.

Susan said...

This is a great piece. It's been wonderful to keep up on your journey through his course. I look forward to your next class too!