Monday, July 23, 2007

Mixed Media Class

During June I took a class with the most excellent Sue Bleiweiss.
It was through Joggles and the class was Mixed Media Surfaces.

Although I've not been too well recently, I did manage to play and really enjoy this course. Sue is so helpful and never lets you feel out of place for being a bit slow.
It also was a great group of girls on the course and it was wonderful to see their work.

The first thing we did was to make a fabric out of some tissue paper.

I knew I had a stack of tissue somewhere but could I find it? NO!
I could only find this dark purple. When it was painted and stamped though I was pleased with it.
Using my heart stamp here ;0)

It isn't very clear from these photos but I did some free machine embroidery over the piece with red rayon thread. Very regal, purple and red, don't you think?

We made the fabric into book covers.
I edged mine with the same red thread and made a cord with fine ribbon on my Kumihimo disc.
The beads at the ends are made from the same tissue fabric.

I still felt it needed something else so made the heart motif by stamping into air drying clay and painting it purple and red. I attached it with a piece of the red ribbon.

I love the way this fabric feels and am pretty pleased with my journal cover.
Just have to make the pages to go inside now.

The missing tissue?
Yes, it turned up when I was searching round for things for the second project in this course.


Papoosue said...

Gorgeous book cover Alis!

Susan said...

Beautiful colors. Beautiful heart design! Finding things has always been an adventure for me too!

MargaretR said...

You are right Alis, very regal and the book cover is fit for a king too! Lovely.

Carol said...

Ths is lovely Alis,looks as if you had fun on your class, I love your heart stamp. the book turned out realy wel

Sue B said...

thanks for the kind words Alis :) The journal is beautiful.

StegArt said...

Lovely work Alis.

Linda D. said...

Wow! This is beautiful. Such a variety of techniques, and great colours too !!!

big hugs, Linda.

Micki said...

Wonderful work. Great stamp and colors.

Viv Estill said...

Love your work Alis!!