Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the Season

Our swap on Unlimited Textiles this month was themed "Tis the Season"

Well, although we don't get as much as we used to here in the UK , I think of snow at this time of year and making snowmen.

In fact I think of the snowman we made when I was about 9 or 10.
We lived in a group of about 6 streets and we rolled a snowball round the streets gathering more and more snow.
In fact I think it got so big it couldn't be moved, but hey, maybe that is just childish, wishful thinking.
Whatever, this sticks in my mind so my 5ins quiltie just had to be a snowman!

My tree decoration is a little box about 1 1/2ins cube.
I fused lots of sheer and glittery fabrics using Misty Fuse to Timtex. I learnt how to make this box from Sue Bleiweiss on one of her wonderful courses.
I was really happy with it and nearly kept it for myself ;0)

Happy to report both my partners were happy with their swap items - Yay!


StegArt said...

The box is gorgeous Alis!

Sue B said...

And they should have been happy, both things are terrific. That little box is gorgeous!

Susan said...

The "cube" is simply wonderful. It's the kind of box that doesn't even need something inside, absolutely wonderful. I like your snowman quiltie too but especially your childhood story. Here in South Carolina we rarely get snow. When it happens, it is all melted within twenty four hours or less. When my boys were young, they, too, rolled all the snow in the neighborhood into a gigantic ball. It wasn't even the size of a large beach ball but it did leave a lasting impression. Your quiltie reminded me of this fond memory. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Oooh... sweet and lovely. Your swap partners were very lucky to get these!

Julie said...

Your quiltie and box are both beautiful. Lucky swappers!