Thursday, May 07, 2009


June Cross (who doesn't have a blog - yet!) and I decided to do a little trade.
We chose a 5 ins square mini quilt with the theme "Wings"

Well it turned out to be dragonflies at dawn!
Independently and without the other knowing we both created dragonfly quilties.

I used a hand painted cotton for the background and did a flowing kind of quilting going with the painted shapes.
The dragonfly body is painted cotton with beading for embellishment. The wings are made from Fantasy Film, they were attached to the background and the body appliqu├ęd over them.

This is the beautiful quiltie June made.
The main body is felt and the centre panel is knitting I think - maybe June will let us know.
I wish you could feel it as it is so soft and very, very touchable.

Thank you June for a great trade ;0)


JannArt said...

What a lovely trade. Isn't it amazing that unknowingly you both worked on dragonflies.

Maybe June could be persuaded to start a blog!

Val said...

Beautiful Alis - both the quilts are delightful - love your dragonfly!

Waltraud said...

Beautful wings!!