Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Goodness and lots of colour!

Well I can hardly believe it is 2 years since I was last posting here.
Lots of water under the bridge.  I am still a little anti-social but am more willing to pop out of my shell from time to time.

My creativity has taken a turn around and I am now drawing and painting.  Having my own images to use in collage has given me a real kick and really spurred me on.
My new creations are North Devon Fairy Folk. Pixies, elves, fairies and, of course, mermaids.
I am enjoying painting them. 

I have had lots of inspiration from 3 great artists.  Suzi Blu, Tamara Laporte and Adriana Almanza.  They run great courses and have great sites.

So to continue my move forward I am joining in the Summer of Colour on Twinkle Twinkle
A new colour to be inspired by each week.  I am so looking forward to keeping my hands messy.


Anonymous said...

Alis, So pleased to see you back, and your painting is gorgeous. A summer of colour sounds wonderful, will go check out the link, Enjoy :) x

Anonymous said...

Alis, how wonderful to have you back - you have been missed. Love the painting - can't wait to see more :).
Like Linda I feel a summer of colour sounds great! xxx

Françoise said...

It's great to see you back with this lovely painting. A summer of colours sounds really nice.

Val said...

Welcome back Alis - lovely to see you here again! Your Pixie is just wonderful!

aichaku-愛着 said...

really really love love love this girl you drew! <3