Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Do you ever have an idea in your head for a piece of art but cannot get it to work right?
Bet you do.
Well I hope you do or that makes me very frustrated, well, even more frustrated than I was to begin with - Okay, I'm rambling!

The thing is I knew howI wanted this piece for Sheilagh's Quotes AB to look but could I get it to look like that?
Oh no!

The image I wanted to use had to be stamped on glossy card - there was the start of the problem. I thought I had some "not so glossy" glossy card. That would have worked first time I just know it. But I couldn't find it!
Actually all I could find was a small piece of white and a small piece of cream.

The white made the image look ghostly. Great but, I'd already painted the background and it looked so wrong.

Restart number 1
The first image on the cream card was quite pale.
"What's on that blob?" said Roger. This from a usually supportive spouse.

Restart number 2
Well third time lucky and here is the finished piece.
Yes, I think I'm happy with it. It just was so much better inside my mind!!!


sue b said...

well the final result is just lovely. It has a dream like quality.

I am struggling with a piece right now that just won't look the way I see it in my mind so I understand that frustration!

lalheg said...

Alis - depending on what you need glossy card for - if it is for alcohol inks - just coat normal card with PVA and let it dry.

Alis said...

Oh great tip Laura.
Must remember that one.
Hugs, Alis.