Monday, July 31, 2006

Lack of time and deadlines!

Well I have been busier this month than I have been for years. The best thing is that for the most part I have managed to cope with it. Thanks go to my wonderful Chinese Doctor.

Despite dashing all over the country - or so it seemed - I had several things that had to be finsihed on time. One is a bag I am making, but I have a few more days on that one - watch this space, and another being pages for a chunky book.

What to do that looked good in the short space of time left to me. I didn't want the pages to look like I had rushed them - hate that - but needed to reflect my style.
So I got out a couple of old friends that hadn't seen the light of day for a while.
Twinkling H2O's - watercolour paints with mica powder in them - and Spirit Dancers from Angie B. I really enjoyed painting the pages with random swathes of colour and then adding the dancers. In the end, just before I sent them out I added some fibres to the top right hand corner but I forgot to photograph them again.

I felt really relaxed at the end of this project and energised too. You never know the back log of items with out deadlines may be dwindling soon!!


Jill said...

I love this. There is great movement in it. Lovely!

lalheg said...

They look wonderful IRL too - I would never have known that you werer running out of time - plus I'm so glad that you felt relaxed and energised

Alis said...

Thanks Jill and Laura.
Big thanks to Laura for the idea in the first place.

Hugs, Alis.