Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sue Bleiweiss has given me a "Thinking Blogger Award"

I feel really honored and am just so thrilled with what she wrote about my work - made me blush.
Thank you Sue.

Now the thing is I have to tell you my top 5 bloggers who make me think.
Well this is easier said than done. All the blogs in my side bar are in this category and a few more that have yet to be added.
Sue would have been top of the list, she has been such an inspiration to me this last year. I love her work as it always looks so fresh and she has such wonderful ideas.
So how to narrow it down? Well here we go - and please if you aren't mentioned here it is only that the rules say to mention 5 only.

1. Jan's Patch. Jan is my lifelong friend and mentor. Our friendship has lasted longer than many marriages and has had it's ups and downs along the way. There is no one in this world that knows me better.
Jan is new to blogging but not to textiles. Her work is always beautiful and her colour palette is gorgeous.

2 Inkertinker's Splats. I love Kari's work. Her colours and execution of her chosen subject are always perfect. There is always inspiration on Kari's blog.

3. Spirited Soul. Claire and I have been on the same group for quite sometime but had never met. That changed about 6 months ago and although we haven't met in person I feel I have a good cyber friend - I hope she feels the same. We share similar interests and I love to see her wonderful ideas put into practice.

4. StegArt. I just love Terri's work. The colours she uses are lush and her work is perfection to me. Such a clever artist.

5. Last but certainly not least is The Soap Opera of my Life. I love to read Skippy's blog and find out about her lovely family. Her writing makes you feel a part of her life - thank you Skippy.

Well those are the 5. I could go on of course but I do direct you to the side bar. There you will find some fantastic artists and wonderful blogs.
So get a coffee and a comfy chair and enjoy the read of your life ;0)


StegArt said...

Oh you are so sweet! Thanks Alis, I'm honored and touched.

Anonymous said...

oh dear now I am crying at work! (seriously Maz will confirm it).
That is so lovely of you to say Alis, thank you.
Skippy xx

Kari said...

Bless you, Alis, I am honoured to be included in your list and to be amongst such other super bloggers.

kari x

Alis said...

You are welcome all of you. I love your blogs.
Hugs, Alis