Friday, April 20, 2007

India and a question!

On Unlimited Textiles we are swapping 5"x5" mini Quilts for the next few months.

April's theme is India.
I tried so hard to be different and do something really arty but got so stuck in the mud that all I got was rubbish.
But I fell back on my own techniques and came up with these two mini quilts.
I have to say that in the end I enjoyed doing them and am quite pleased with them.

So I have to ask the question - In doing something in a similar vein does that make your work predictable and if so does it make your work recognizable or boring?

Don't be shy, speak up, I will not take it as criticism either way, I'm just interested in what you think.


Sue B said...

Alis I think both of these pages are wonderful but I especially love the one on top. I think it's the coin trim. I think that's a nice accent for the page.

I don't think it makes your work boring. I look at your work and I see a similar style but each piece is original and fresh.

Papoosue said...

I think that there is a recognisable essence of 'you' running through your work, certainly doesn't make it boring. I know if I try too hard to do something really 'arty' as you say, it is often unsuccessful - I think you should go with your instincts - look at your work - it's gorgeous!!

Angelcat said...

Alis I think your little quilts are just great, and agree with Sue the first is my favorite. Not sure why I think I just like the traditional colours more as opposed to the vibrant colours of the second. The vibrant colours I think I would more usually associate with India but then maybe that is what makes the first that little bit more unique.

I definately do not think your work is boring and to me if you use similar themes and techniques along the way you will end up with more accomplished pieces. What is that old saying if you continually mix it up just for the sake of it or because you feel you have to you end up jack of all trades master of none

Helen in the UK said...

Love both pieces. If you are using similar techniques and your work is recognisable it isn't boring, you have developed a STYLE :)

Susan D said...

You can't go far wrong if you trust your own instincts on what is right or wrong. I've found that if I don't want to give a piece away because I like it I'm on the right track but if I could give it away without a second thought then it's rubbish.

Purple Missus said...

So do you think Jan Beaney, Julia Caprara and Jean Draper to name but a few, are boring and predictable? No? Thats because they have developed their own style. Which is what you are doing.
If you feel comfortable with what you are doing why change? Master the techniques you enjoy and you won't go far wrong.
Hark at me - someone who flits about all over the place trying to create that one perfect piece! Maybe I should take some of my own advice - but hey, I'm a woman - 'nuf said!!!

StegArt said...

I really like both pages. I agree with what everyone has said here already. I don't find your work boring at all and if you enjoy it then why change.

Dianne said...

These are both so lovely!! Love the colours and the embellishing.... I love your work, and I think having your own style is a great thing. I would love to find "my own style" and become good at that...

Lara Lorelei said...

I love both pieces. Your work is far from boring and predictable Alis, and I think that's because you keep on working on the creative process. We all have ways of working and imagery that we go back to, not because we're afraid to try other things but because we enjoy what we are doing and using.

Keep doing what you're doing it's lovely eye candy.

Claire xx

takinanap said...

hooray for ganesha, and your work! both are delightful. keep exploring.

portland, maine

Carol said...

I agree with every ones thoughts, finding a style of your own, can never be boring

Joolz said...

they are just beautiful alis :)

Kari said...


These are lovely. Your work is not boring or predictable at all. But there is a unique look to your work that I do recognise, that is not a bad thing by any means.

Boring and predictable is when some artists tend to churn out a certain type of art with no thought behind it, no experimentation, no attempt to try something different. Overuse of a method or image can also make some pieces trite or hackneyed.

Your art is full of interest, variety, vibrancy and zest. Love it!

Kari x

Linda D. said...

Alis, have to agree with everyone - you have a great style, definitely not boring. I adore both of these, keep up the good work.