Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching Up

Well I am, at last, starting to feel a little better and am wanting to do things.
One of those things is read my e-mails and catch up on my groups.
I thought I would catch up on my blog reading too but when I went to my google reader I was shocked to see how busy you all had been! I had missed well over 200 posts from you.
Forgive me but I am going to start reading your new posts from today or I will never catch up.

All my current work is from before Christmas and, unfortunately, there is not much of it.
As you can see Christmas Trees loomed large for me last year. Our long standing favourite wouldn't stand!
It must have got broken in our move the Christmas before.
Very sad as it was as old as Laura our daughter.
We put the tree decorations around the house either on the
walls on on top of furniture. A new tree is on the list for this Christmas.

The first piece here is an altered film canister for a swap on AlterNative UK.
I needle felted pieces of felted jumpers to make the trees on a sleeve that fitted the canister then
tied some posh ribbon round it so it could be hung on a tree. Of course the trees are embellished with little beads for extra sparkle.

The others are the last of the Chunky Book Pages for ANUK. We will be doing Skinny Pages this year.
The background is painted with watercolour paints and then stamped with acrylic paints. The trees are cut from card textured with tissue paper. Some little gems add the twinkle.


Sue B said...

glad you're feeling better Alis, it's good to see back to blogging.

Waltraud said...

Nice to see you here again!

verobirdie said...

Nice to have you back!

Lara Lorelei said...

I'm soooo pleased you're back online- I miss you sooooo much when you're not around!

I'm the very lucky owner of both these lovely pieces of art. The decoration looked fab on my tree and the chunky page adorned the shelf above my desk until I made the effort to bind all my pages into a book.

Claire xx

Susan said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. It is always nice to see Christmas matter what month or season. Mine is wrought iron and stays up and decorated year round. Sorry that your long standing favorite stands no more.

MargaretR said...

Glad you are feeling better Alis. That was a nasty bug. I'm just over it myself, it keeps coming and going doesn't it? I do hope you are over the worst now, but don't overdo it.

Kim said...

Welcome back!
It's kind of refreshing to see a little Xmas art. Quite lovely.

katelnorth said...

Nice to have you back Alis - look forward to seeing the skinny pages. My sympathies on the tree - I think we'll need a new one next year as well, as ours now has two broken "legs" and simply won't balance any more, unless I think of a drastic solution... Too bad, as it's just the right shape and size!