Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enchanted Forest

This is my work in Maz's Anne of Green Gables altered book.

I have a confession. I never read the book. Everyone in my class did - all at the same time.
See I never did go with the flow ;0)

When the book came I had a dilemma. To read or not to read.
I intended to read. We got the book and Roger read it and loved it but I did not get round to it, always something else got in the way.
So these pages are my work on his ideas - team work.

He loved that Anne had such a vivid imagination and made up stories and day dreams, especially an enchanted forest.

I hope Maz likes it and feels we got it right - even just a little bit.


Sequana said...

Just beautiful! If I ever alter something, it's gonna be Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. *L*

There's one I could never get through.

Eva said...

Lovely pages!!

sammy said...

All of your art is awesome... I went back to your first blog entry in 2006 and could not tear myself away from it until I have seen each post... Again, awesome work!

Judy said...

Looks like it's going to be a great altered book..beautiful color...nice blog you have here...

Carol said...

The pages are wonderful Alis,
Maz will love them,

Linda D. said...

Very evocative, sure Maz will love them!!!
Linda x

Micki said...

Wonderful pages, Alis. She will love them.