Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fly dragonfly!

I am a member of a great Etsy team called Boomers and Beyond.
During the month of March we had our first swap. It was great fun.

This is the piece I made for Sharon of Night Sky Jewelry.
I wanted to do a dragonfly but couldn't think of the best way to do it. I could see it in my minds eye but could I get it out of there in into reality - not for ages.
So right on the last moment out of my mind flew the dragonfly.

Its body is a piece of decorated felt that I attached to the background (machine quilted fabric) with a few stitches.
The wings are made from an iridescent film on one side and crystal organza on the other with machine stitching to make the veins.

The wings were placed over the body and free machine embroidered to give a little texture to the body. Little flower stamens were glued in place to make antennae.

I attached the main piece to teal cotton velvet and made a machine wrapped cord to hang it by.

I must make a note to myself to get into the habit of making notes! I know there were things I would change if I did this again but, unfortunately now I have forgotten what they are.

Oh yes, I received some fabulous hand spun wool. I have nearly finished knitting it up so watch this space ;0)


StegArt said...

Great dragonfly Alis! Looking forward to seeing your knitting.

Susan said...

The dragonfly looks wonderful. Don't beat yourself up over not taking notes. I take them and later can't find them...so, what's the sense!

Linda D. said...

Stunning. So delicate, and the colours are lovely.

MargaretR said...

That's lovely Alis, I'm sure she'll love it.