Monday, June 02, 2008

An away day of my own.

As you know, my artistic Muse has cleared off on an away day that has lasted months now.
And would you believe it, but my writing Muse has now gone off to catch up with her!
Hence very few posts here of late.

Well, I mean, what is a girl supposed to do in this situation?
I decided to have an away day of my own ;0)

It may seem a little silly to go for a day out on a Saturday in a tourist area but, actually, it can work to your advantage.
Saturday is "change over day" and most people are on the roads going home or arriving.
A ten minute drive from the main road through the steep sided valley of Exmoor leads to a paradise where you don't see another human being for hours.

We've had a heavy sea mist this weekend that was very dramatic so we took ourselves off to the Heddon Valley. You have to know that the cliffs around here are some of the highest on the English coast but, there is a track way that climbs gently to the top that even I can manage to climb.
It was a wonderful climb too. Through the trees with the valley dropping down on one side. Fred (dog) thought it was great to trot backwards and forwards through the grass and peep through the trees.
When we got back down we had some lunch at Hunters Inn and chatted to some lovely people.
It was very relaxing and I think my batteries are recharged enough to go hunt for the Muses!

The mist stayed all day and through yesterday and is still here today. That is OK with me as it looks fantastic don't you think?!


Dayna said...

Great photos Alis! I wonder if your muse's and mine have been wandering somewhere together? Hope the day helped.

joonbeam said...

This is stunning, Alis! I will share it with Evan and Scout. Thank you so much and what a wonderful place to live. Now I can picture you in these environs. Love it! Looking forward to your new creations.

Vicki W said...

Those are beautiful photos!

AltheaP said...

How incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

blazingneedles said...

Beautiful photos!! It was relaxing just looking at them.


Alis said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.
I'm so happy I live here ;0)

Dayna, I'm certain we will find our muses out together ;0)

ZudaGay said...

Oh my, just lovely! I think I could have sat and watched for hours. Thank you for sharing with us!!

Julie said...

Beautiful photos Alis. The mist makes it very atmospheric. I hope your muse soon comes back refreshed and reinvigorated after its break.. We all need a time out sometimes.

Carol said...

Hi Alis
I must get the map out and take a visit it looks lovely. You must head out my way sometime soon. Perhaps we can inspire each other.

Fannie said...

Oh, my, what lovely photos. It's like a dream place. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could visit.

Annica said...

Beautiful photos! Sounds like a perfect day out.

joan linenbroker said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS That is how I feel about these pictures. Thanks for posting them. :)

Lara Lorelei said...

Hi Alis, Looks like a wonderful place to try and recapture your muse. Having been in this sorry state over the last year myself i realise how frustrated you must be!
I've missed your posts, so I hope she returns soon.

Claire xx

Susan said...

Hi Alis!
Your photos are wonderful and your day away sounds refreshing. Yet, you probably knew that even before posting. The many comments already left confirm this. I'd like to add that "recharging" yourself creatively is necessary for everyone working in the arts...painters, dancers, musicians, poets, actors, potters, writers, and even fiber artists.

Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" calls this need "filling the well". After all, we dip into the "well" for ideas, inspiration, designs, words, and everything else used for creative expression. From time to time, we must "fill" the "well".

I HIGHLY recommend this, this lifestyle! It is a weekly journey into breaking artistic blocks. It is a program that works well alone or with a group. I went through the series of weekly reading with a group in 2004. I went from "wanting to be an artist" to admitting the I AM AN ARTIST. It changed my life.

Part of the program includes three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing every morning. At least five days a week, I write.

Should you decide to try it, you will be amazed at the spiritual calm, the focus, the artistic intentions, the energy, and the humble power of self confidence that will be yours.

All the best!

MargaretR said...

I really sympathise with you, because I know exactly how you feel. My muse has disappeared too, where could they have gone to? She did send her shadow to keep an eye on me the last few days and I think she might be coming back. I do hope so, I hate feeling like this!
I love your mist photos.

Homeleightigger said...

Beautiful photos Alis - so atmospherical....! Val

Carol said...

Lovely photograph Alis. I wonder if you found my muse on your travels? It too has disappeared.

Cathy W said...

Hello Alis,
I so enjoy getting to know you through Textile Challenges, that I couldn't resist this:
"You've been Tagged!"
(see my post June 12 post)


Lynn Douglass said...

Oh, my! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful and inspiring place! How I'd love to have such beauty around me! Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

You live in a beautiful area. You're lucky that you can re-charge the batteries in 1 day.