Monday, August 25, 2008

A Wedding!

Laura has had music in her life since before she was born.
From Classical to Pop and from New Age to Musical Theatre.
All her activities have been around music and dance.
Music has played a very large part in Toby's life too.
They were brought together by a mutual, musical friend nearly 10 years ago.

Music still plays a major part in their lives.
From the first note of Hubert Parry's "I Was Glad" as Laura came down the aisle - sang by the 3 choirs who wanted to sing from the heart to this special couple - to the last note of Eric Clapton's "If I saw you in Heaven" as the new Armstong's left the reception, the day was filled with music and the love it has brought them.
Even the best version of "The Teddy Bears Picnic" I have ever heard was sung during the afternoon.

In the evening a Ceilidh band played as all joined in the dancing and festivities. Roger and I managed a, not too bad, Rumba when we joined the newly weds for the the first dance of the evening and we even joined in on The Lovers Knot, the first dance played by the band. It was great fun to watch as people danced frantically to the great music, laughing as they got tangled up or caught the wrong partner.

It was a very special day filled with love from both families and the wonderful friends Laura and Toby have gathered around themselves.
Even the sun joined in the fun and shone brightly for the afternoon and evening.

Laura's dress was a gorgeous gold colour set off by the bright red of the bridesmaids dresses and the Gerbera's in the flower arrangements.
The bride and bridesmaids wore gorgeous matching pendants made by the fabulous artist Zuda Gay.
I didn't wear a hat but, although you can't see them here, had sparkling jewels in my hair.

I may be biased but it was definitely the very best wedding I have been to.


Dayna said...

Thanks for sharing photos of a very special day. May they have a long and happy life together! I see the pendants by Zuda! beautiful touch.

Carol said...

Hi Alis. I have been waiting for these pictures. I guess this means you are feeling better. I hope so. It looks like you all had a great day.

Sequana said...

It's lovely to see such happy news here this morning. *S*

May they play beautiful music together forever.

Kim said...

Looks like it was a lovely day! Much joy. (Teddy Bears Picnic is one of my all time favorites!)

ZudaGay said...

Oh, how beautiful!!! I love the dresses...Laura looks perfect!! I love her dress!!! And I always love red!!! Very elegant but with some fun as well. I wish them all the best and many, many happy music filled years of love!!!!

Myfanwy said...

What lovely happy pictures. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs, may their last days be as filled with love as their first.

Precious Quilts said...

Alis, I don't know how I missed these pictures!!! They are wonderful and certainly help convey the wonderful occasion. You all looked fabulous in all your finery!!

What a fantastic day! Thanks so much for sharing.

Sixsisters said...

Alis it looks and sounds like it was a perfect day.
Blessings on the new couple.