Monday, July 28, 2008

A Couple of Arches

You may remember that the year long swap on Textile Challenges is on textile arches. The arches measure approximately 8ins x 4ins.

The first arch here is my May arch for Arleee.
When I made this I was doing Terri Stegmiller's Paper Quilt Explorations course and it definitely influenced this arch.

Arlee said she liked "funky" Baroque" and "hot colours"
Well these are cool colours, but there is a touch of baroque in the centre jewel and I think it is very funky.
Arlee liked it and that's what matters ;0)

The second arch was my June arch for Kate.
She said she likes autumn colours and vintage people (dressed or not!)
Well vintage nudes are just my thing.
I had some lovely autumnal fabrics and added a little touch of lace.
The one thing I think it lacked was a feather.
So I am now on the hunt for some lovely feathers.

Oh yes, Kate liked it ;0)


Vicki W said...

Both are very nice and so different. Great interpretation of the themes!

Sequana said...

I like them both too. *S* Lucky arlee and kate.

Carol said...

Their lovely Alis, well done.

StegArt said...

These are fun! I really am favoring the colorful one you made for Arlee.

Homeleightigger said...

Gorgeous Alis - I love the nude! Are you receiving equally gorgeous Arches in return? Hope it keeps fine for the weekend - keeping my fingers and legs crossed for you! Val

Lara Lorelei said...

Lovely stuff Alis, I'm not surprised your recipiants were pleased, seems like the muse is back, Claire xx

Mae said...

Exquisite. I am especially drawn to the first one.

MargaretR said...

Beautiful Arches Alis. I'm sure they both loved them. I am a bit behind and must finish my July Arch!

Kari Gibson said...

Lovely work Alis - I love them both!

Papoosue said...

I do love these Alis, not sure which is my favourite :-)

AltheaP said...

These are both wonderful, Alis! I should send you some pics of my grandmother -- an exotic dancer in the 1930s.