Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Start of the Cat

I am doing Michelle Verbeeck's Cat Sack Class.
This is a wonderful, colourful and funky project.

These are the colours I started out thinking I would use.
As you can see by the layout one 2 of them changed.
I was really excited about it when I saw all the pieces pinned together awaiting quilting.

There is a lot of quilting in this project and it took quite a while but the class isn't rushed and I had plenty of time to keep up.

Once quilted it takes on a character of it's own. It becomes a sturdy piece of fabric and the texture is great.
I used threads for the quilting that matched quite closely but, it would change the look and colour if contrasting thread was used. Next sack forming in my mind.

I love the little points on the front and back. It gives the cat a little tiger feel.

The head was next so watch for that ;0)


Angelcat said...

This looks like such a fun class, I'll definately have to look out for this one next time round! I love the wonderful vibrant colours

Kim said...

I agree, wonderful colors and I like the quilting. Looks like a fun project.

StegArt said...

Love what I see so far. Looking forward to more.

Elisabeth Braun said...

What lovely fabrics! I've got some sumptuous stuff I bought in the Far East in the spring (still on the front page of my blog, take a look!) which I'm longing to get at and make into bags etc to sell on Etsy! Good to see you're doing so well there.

If you want to respond to any comments I leave, I'd be glad to hear from you on my blog comment function.=)

Lola Goldberg said...

Your fabrics are so yummy! Do you make any purchases online? I'm in the US, so obviously your neighborhood fabric shop doesn't work for me, although I've visited your corner of the world, and it certainly spoke to my heart all those years ago.......

I'm available at

Papoosue said...

Hi Alis! Welcome back to you too :-) Wow! i love this. The colours are fab and the quilting really makes it all come together doesn't it? Now, where did I put that sewing machine...? xxxx

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Alis - this looks absolutely gorgeous - is it progressing well? Val