Monday, October 06, 2008

Egyptian Arch

This is the Egyptian Arch I made for Gillian on the yahoo group Textile Challenges.

I wanted it to look like a very old textile. Well, maybe I went a little over the top with the distressing and ageing but all in all I think it turned out OK

The image is printed on muslin and stitched on to some silk paper I had made earlier.
The background is rust dyed and stamped cotton.
The little embellishment is a tile from a bamboo place mat. I coloured it and stamped it with chalk ink pads.

I love doing Egyptian themed items but forget that in between projects.
This time I have made a note to myself - do more on Egypt.
Not sure where I put the note though!! Sigh.


StegArt said...

Very lovely Alis!

Homeleightigger said...

Sooper Dooper Alis - Gillian will love it I am sure. (I see a face on the 'stone' shape ....?)

Linda D. said...

Love the aged look, don't think you've over done it at all :)
hugs, Linda.

Angelcat said...

It's great Alis and I agree with Linda, I don't think you hav overdone aging.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely Alis...I think you got the distressing just right - looks fabulous!
Jill x

Myfanwy said...

This is lovely, Alis. How did I miss it before? Hope you are OK. M x

Gunnels blog said...

I have got you an award, look at my blog!