Tuesday, November 25, 2008

October/ November!

I'm not usually one for wishing my life away, but I am glad that this year is drawing to a close.

Our daughters wedding was, of course, a wonderful highlight, but I seem to have bounced from one wall to another and hitting the floor (actually) more than I have stayed upright!!

My muse has stayed away for quite a long time and I have to say I don't blame her!
She did pop back for a few days earlier this month and has just called in again today so some activity has been apparent in the studio of late.

Halloween is the day before my birthday - yes I
was born on All Saints day, you can tell can't you?
Can't you??
Well of course I love the festival Halloween brings as I have lots of people calling round and they get dressed up for me too. How wonderful is that ;0)
I love to hand out the sweeties and Fred the dog loves it too. His tail wags furiously at the hugs and pats he gets, he really does think it is his birthday.

The theme on Unlimited Textiles for October was Autumn or Halloween and our swaps were a 5ins quiltie and an art doll.
My art doll was the pumpkins, two for the price of one ;0)
They are layers of organza and cotton batting with felt and embroidery features. I was really pleased with them and their toothy grins. Claire liked them too.

My quiltie was an Autumn theme. The background is a piece that Laura (my daughter) made last year, it reminded me of a windy day.
I made an organza flower that was supposed to look like a Chrysanthemum but didn't, nevertheless it did look like it was blowing in the breeze.
I have it on good authority that June liked it ;0)

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Genie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes,
Feeling a bit like you, will be glad to see the end of this year, tehre seem to have been more lows than highs, including the weather,
Love the Pumpkins ,