Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Roger's leave is coming to an end and I have to wave him off to work tomorrow.
Well, I won't as he goes out too early but you know what I mean.
So back to work for both of us as I start to catch up in the studio and get back on track with my projects.

The weather has been kind to us and, with the help of friends, we have rearranged the garden, seen family and generally had a relaxing time.

Today we decided to end the holiday well with a visit to Woolacombe.
I didn't go down to the beach as I didn't think I would get back up the hill, but sat on the bench(at the top of the post) looked out over the Atlantic and thought of friends and family across the pond.

The boys had a tootle around on the rocks.

I sat and watched the surfers enjoying the water, although I suspect it was a little cold despite the glorious sunshine.

The day was rounded off with a lazy couple of hours in the garden.

Cheeky Fred!


Sue B said...

I think Fred is a pretty smart dog!

Linda D. said...

Mmm, so beautiful, remember that area well but haven't been that way for years. Great photos, glad you had such a wonderful break together and that Fred seems to be making the most of it too, lol.

Papoosue said...

Oh, I love your photos, Alis - makes me feel like getting my bucket and spade out and rolling up my trousers! Sounds like you've had a lovely time. How's Roger getting on with that poem? He's lucky I haven't done any poetry this year ;-)

JannArt said...

Sounds like my sort of Sunday. Just wish I had been there with you. Lovely photos. I don't blame Fred soaking up the sun.