Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well what with Easter, recovering from Easter and outside tensions the time has just flown this month.
I do have a little to show though and will start by showing off the wonderful work my friends ~ with some help from me of course ~ did in my garden.

Sitting here you really feel you are protected with all the plants around.

You can hear the buzzing of the bees and the hoverflies.

I'm really looking forward to seeing it all start to grow and flower.

Did you spot Mitzi Cat? She really loves it here.

Thank you Cath and Chrissy. Come back soon so you can enjoy it too.


Annica said...

It looks lovely Alis!

JannArt said...

Wow it looks fabulous. Just wish I was round the corner and could pop round for a cuppa and a natter in such lovely surroundings.

verobirdie said...

Lovely relaxing place indeed!

Val said...

Looking forward to our natter and show and tell - just right for such gorgeous surroundings, yes?