Thursday, August 24, 2006

Zoos and Cameras

As it wasn't raining this morning we decided to go to Exmoor Zoo.
It is years since we went to a zoo, and this one is really a conservation centre. It is beautifully laid out on the side of a slope. All the pens are designed for the animals comfort and not necessarily for human viewing purposes.
There are educational talks that are really good and excellent fun every 30 minuets so children of any age couldn't possibly be board.
The animals are so relaxed, absolutely no signs of stress and many seemed just as interested in us as we were in them. Of course there were the show offs and the crowds they draw, so all in all every animal in the zoo was happy.

We loved the Meerkats. The look out watched down the main entry path to the zoo and kept the others informed of the new arrivals. Not that they seemed very interested!

The only sad thing of the day was that we had camera trouble. For photographers and scrapbookers this was a nightmare.
Roger's two cameras refused to focus and then my digital decided to erase all the photos I had taken.
This is particularly sad as I had a wonderful encounter with an Alpaca called Fuzz but the resulting photos are no longer with us. Never mind I have my mental picture and I am sure to visit Fuzz again soon.

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