Monday, September 04, 2006

Arlington again.

We love Arlington Court. I think I may have mentioned it.

Well we decided to join the National Trust - Roger has just got a little bonus so this was our treat - so we can now go to Arlington as often as we wish.
I promise to bore you with pictures each time we go -LOL

Anyhow on Bank Holiday Sunday we trolled over there for a cuppa in the cafe with some freinds then off to sit in the walled garden for a while. We found this shady spot, cool and quiet. The garden wasn't as deserted as it appears but we didn't have to wait too long for this shot without people.
That's what we like about the place. There is always a quiet corner to be found however busy it is there.

This lovely bush was at the side of us. My favourite colours of course, but I just love the way they blend together so beautifully.
Hmm, I feel a creative moment coming on!!

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