Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New things.

I have been going through my pieces of silk fusion and hand painted fabrics that I made on Sue Bleiweiss' courses. I have quite a collection now and while I love to just look at them and feel pleased with myself, I thought it would be good to do something practical with them.

So now I have quite a few lovely little textile pieces. I got out my stash of beads too and had a wonderful time sewing them on.

I am going to use some as panels in larger pieces, maybe on bags - one can never have too many handbags, some will be swapped and some I am keeping ;0)
But something new I am trying is my new Etsy Shop.

I have had success on eBay in the past but Etsy is fairly new and deserves a look. Apart from some of the supplies, all the things on the site are handmade. It definitely has the feel of a big craft fair at the moment. Hopefully they will continue that feel.
Go check it out.


sueb said...

Alis, these pieces are wonderful. I love the colors in them. Good luck with the Etsy shop, I've been thinking about opening one too.

Alis said...

Thanks Sue. And I know I've said it before but thanks for the kick in the butt and getting me started again.
What can you loose with an Etsy shop?
Give it a go, your stuff is wonderful.
Hugs, Alis