Monday, October 22, 2007


I don't do a lot of commissions. I have trouble with them.

You should know that the first thing I am is a scientist - Medical Physics Technician to be precise. Second I am an Administrator and third I am trained in Customer Relations.
So all my working life I was bound to accuracy and other people.

That is why in my fourth life as an Artist I love to go my own way and do my own thing.
This makes it hard to do commissions.
The customer knows what they want. It's like that thing you did last month with a bit of the thing you did last week with a bit of this one!!
Very difficult for someone who doesn't really like to do the same thing twice and the way she works couldn't do it again if she tried. I find that commissions take over my life.

But every now and then I come across a customer that makes me feel humble. This customer had some work from me earlier this year and asked me to do some invitations to a very special birthday and retirement party.
She loves what I do and thinks I'm clever!!?? Don't put her right please.
I asked what she wanted and she said anything you do would be great! Of course she did have some ideas about colour and the size of cards but that was it.
How could I turn that down??
I didn't.

I created a piece of textile art for her approval. She was very happy ;0)
There are 150 invitations so I scanned the piece and printed it for the cards.
I printed the insides too and all was put together by hand. I am actually pleased that she didn't want mass produced cards and chose me to make them for her.
She is a special lady and I'm sure she will have a great party.
Thank you Barbara.


Susan D said...

Congratulations on the commission. I love what you've done they're a one off.

verobirdie said...

The post cards look gorgeous. I'm sure her guests will be impressed!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

You have such beautiful work and this was a great commission.

I saw you had a DaWanda shop, have you seen the DaWanda shop directory at would love to list you.

Sara x

Purple Missus said...

This piece of work is fabulous Alis, and what a great idea to scan it for the cards.
Your client is so right when she says you are clever:)

Vicki W said...

That was a great idea for an invitation and your piece for it is wonderful!

Homeleightigger said...

Amazing Alis and so very original - no wonder Barbara was well pleased!! Val said...

I've been so busy of's been hard to keep up with everyone else. Yet, it was with great pleasure that I read your recent blog entries.

Many heart-felt congratulations to your entire family. It takes more than a mere student to achieve such a takes a supportive, unfailing family or loved ones. Laura certainly has a great group behind her efforts.

Also, congratulations on the recent commission. It is always a wonderful day when others so admire our artwork that they want to use a fraction of our souls in order to express their own intentions. I think your client selected with wisdom, joy, and sincere professionalism. You delivered exactly what was expected...perfection.

Linda D. said...

Alis, these are beautiful cards, great (& clever) idea. Congrats on getting the commission and executing it so well!
Linda x

Skippy said...

Alis, these are really lovely and your ARE clever!!
Skippy xx

Kim said...

Me thinks being an artist is in the soul of all the many hats you wear! Lovely work for a lucky lady.

Julie said...

Congratulations on the commission, Alis. The cards are beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

your cards are stunners and you are more than clever, you are Gifted!! I also hate commisssions and I DOn't do them, I am also a scientist, or was- funny that!!
Your clematis piece is also amazing - I love to garden and I incorporate my garden photography into some of my work, but your piece has inspired me to try some different directions!!! Thank you for that!
Elizabeth W.