Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh Boy!!!

The craft group met at my house last weekend.

There are 3 young people who come along. They are growing into lovely young ladies very quickly.
But put young people and dogs together and you have a whole lot of fun and mayhem.

Fred has always loved them coming to play.
Up to now he has had boundless energy and they have kept him busy.

But Fred, like the girls, is growing up and none of
them play as mad as they used to.

Of course there is only one Fred to the 3 girls.
They have learned to take it in turns playing with the dog. He, however, has not learned to stop. Well that's not true actually. He did hide under the desks for a while until he was spotted and off he went to keep someone else happy.

The results are clear to see. After saying goodbye at the door Fred flung himself down with a big sigh. He looked more disheveled than usual - and that's saying something - and hid his head in his paws. A definite "leave me alone, I have a headache" look.

Fred will be "pleased" to know that the girls are coming to play again this weekend!!


Sue B said...

Fred is so sweet!

StegArt said...

Poor Fred, he almost looks sad that they've gone.

Renate said...

I want Fred! He's so cute! :)

Lynn Douglass said...

I have 3 Beagles, so I'm a huge dog lover. I'd add Fred to the family in a heartbeat! He's adorable!