Friday, October 19, 2007

The Graduate

Laura Natalie Parkinson now has letters after her name.
She graduated yesterday and she is now:

Laura Natalie Parkinson B.A. Hons. (Ed)
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Education.

And we are just so proud of her.

The blue hood on her gown here says that the awarding body is Southampton University and the pink stripe donates the honours.

The ceremony was in Winchester Cathedral and was lovely.
Everyone was so excited and happy to be awarded for their 4 years hard work. The cathedral was full, there were televisions positioned along the aisles so all could see the proceedings.

All the officials came in in their regalia and processed down the central aisle. We were unable to take photographs in the cathedral so I can't show you that but the procession was beautiful and sombre.
After opening prayers and speeches the awards were given with the graduands being called in groups of 3 or 4. Much clapping and sometimes cheering accompanied them up to the Chancellor to receive their certificates.
After the awards the choir sang a beautiful hymn and then the officials processed out of the cathedral accompanied by the now graduates and lots of smiles and waves.

It was wonderful to meet the girls Laura had gone through the 4 years with and to chat with other people that have touched Laura's life.

Of course, not only are we proud of Laura, we are so proud and grateful to Toby.
He is such a lovely man and has supported her through all this - not an easy task. Laura is her mothers daughter and as such is demanding and opinionated. Toby has had a lot of hard work!!!
He definitely deserves honours too.
It can't have been so bad though as they will be getting married next year so our baby must be doing something right.

Well done to you both and to all the graduates and friends we met and applauded yesterday.


Lara Lorelei said...

You must be bursting with pride! what lovely photos of your day.

Claire x

verobirdie said...

I know the feeling ! You must be so proud!
Congratulations to the whole family.

Sandy said...

Congratulations to your whole family. I know when one earns a degree, part of the credit must go to the family and friend supporters. Yeah to all!!!!

Linda D. said...

Brilliant!!! Congrats to all :>

Lynn Douglass said...

Congratulations, not only to your daughter, but to the whole family. Waht a wonderful accomplishment!

Julie said...

What a wonderful day for you all.....and a wedding to look forward to too! :o))

Joshua said...
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molly jean said...

congratulations! I am sure you are so proud and well you should be! I know she has worked very hard for the honors and probably you did too at some time in the past. I mean, parenting successful children is not easy or automatic!

These are the Stamps of Our Lives said...

Many congratulations to you all... it is a great accomplishment!