Monday, November 12, 2007

Fabric Pages

On Fibre Art Friends we will be swapping 7" x 7" fabric pages to make a fabric book.

This month I was to send to Carol T.
She had chosen "Sumptuous Surfaces" for her pages and said it didn't matter what we chose to do as long as we tried something new.

Well goodness I have a dabble in almost everything when it comes out ;0)
The only thing I hadn't been brave enough to do was to melt plastic bags.
So off I went shopping.
Well I had to get some bags didn't I?!

I used a blue bag and a pink bag, cut them into strips and wove them together. Then I ironed them. They just looked flat so I zapped them
with the heat gun. They crinkled a little so that looked better. I put them on to some felt and covered with a painted nappy liner, stitched them together and zapped with the heat gun again. I loved the way they all melted into one another.

I wasn't sure however that it was a sumptuous surface.
I covered it all with a piece of gold, crystal organza and did some free machine stitching. I burnt out bits of the organza with the heat gun to allow the bags and nappy liner to show through. At last I was happy.

I added a border of hand painted cotton and backed the quilt with the same fabric.
I also wrapped some of the bag strips round a kebab skewer and blasted them with the heat gun to make beads.

Another great, fun project. Thank you Carol for pushing me to use up my plastic bags ;0)

Oh by the way, Carol/s picture of my page makes it look better so go look here ;0)

My theme is Egypt and this is the fantastic page that carol made for me.

Thank you Carol, I love it.


Homeleightigger said...

Wow Alis - what a successful experiment that was - I reckon Carol will love it! Val

Kim said...

It's wonderful how swaps like these push us to try new things. Very cool - Beautifully creative!

Sue B said...

Alis that page you made is fabulous!

verobirdie said...

I like to melt plastic bags, and you gave me some ideas to push it further. Your page really looks good.
The one Carol made for you is beautiful too.

Carol said...

I do love it!!! and it is very sumptuous! Thanks so much, and i am very glad that you had a good time doing it. Well done you!

Carol said...

Your page is fabulous Alis. I love working with plastic bags.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Alis, now you have gone and done it!!! Another fabulous technique that I must muck around with!!
This is fantastic!
i wish taht we could get Nappy Liners here in the states- I see them writen about all over the place but can't get a hold of any- I will try used dyrer sheets as a substitue!!

marion said...

These are very nice, Alis. You've been tagged on my blog, btw, go check it out...participation not obligatory!

MargaretR said...

That really is sumptuous Alis and so is Carol's page. You shame me, both of you. I must make mine before I go away on holiday.

Judy Rys said...

Very nice, I really like the texture. Another technique I need to try!