Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Page for Emmy

My partner at FAF this month is Emmy.

Her theme is Mandalas and she wants to know the meaning of our mandala's.
Here goes:

As you can tell colour is very important to me and these colours are usually in my work.
Pink to be playful.
Purple is a sacred colour and appears in many of my favourite flowers. It is also a romantic colour.
Turquoise represents femininity and water - the sea for me, I love its changeable nature.
I have used strong colours to represent strength of course.

The spiral appears in my work often is a symbol of rebirth and represents my journey thorough life - never straight forward is it!
The little doll in the centre represents me. She is dressed in turquoise for femininity.

The rest represents the influences on my creativity.
The beach and sea. Nature and in particular flowers.
Music - I never do anything with out music playing. I think I may have told you before I have very eclectic tastes.
I sing a lot, it raises my spirits. My neighbours hear me singing anything from opera to pop! Poor people ;0)

I hope you like it Emmy.


Sue B said...

Gorgeous! Love love love the colors in this. Beautifully done Alis.

Annica said...

Beautiful Mandala Alis! Keep singing!

Julie said...

This is beautiful Alis. I love the colour and the story :) I always have music playing when I'm playing too! It can be anything from folk thro pop to classical depending on my mood.

Micki said...

Great piece, Alis. Love the beautiful colors.

Jill said...

Beautiful piece Alis - I just love your work.
You have also given me some ideas of how to approach the centre of the large piece I am working on - so thank you :o)

Angelcat said...

Your page is beautiful Alis, the colours are gorgeous!

Kim said...

Wonderful colors and I like the beading detail. The personal symbolism makes it priceless. Nicely done Alis.

MargaretR said...

I love the Mandala and the description of what it means to you.