Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Everybody needs a bit of passion in their lives don't you think.

The theme for February at Unlimited Textiles was "Passion" and these were my pieces for the swap.

Both the brooch and quiltie were made from the same fabric.
I used lots of layers of velvets, satin, brocade and organza's to create it and covered it in free motion machine embroidery.

On the quiltie (measures 5" square) I stitched a photo of a courting couple to the background and made a little heart to add as embellishment.
I highlighted some of the embroidery with seed beads and framed it all with velvet ribbon.

I cut the brooch heart out of the fabric, backed it with felt and zig zagged the edges.
I added the seed beads and a little bead tassel for embellishment.
There is a brooch back on the reverse so that June (my partner) can pin her heart to her sleeve ;0)


Gunnels blog said...

Your little quiltie and heartbrooch
are so wonderful! And I like the velvet ribbon on the edges!

Sue B said...

Love this Alis, beautifully done!

Vicki W said...


verobirdie said...

Your quiltie is just beautiful!

Linda D. said...

Both pieces are gorgeous :)

Kim said...

Very sweet and lovely - the beading adds just the right touch.