Friday, May 02, 2008

Alis' Midnight Garden

I love Terri of StegArts work, it always makes me smile. So when I found out she was doing an online class on Paper Quilting I just had to sign up.

I have just finished my week one assignment and here it is ;0)
It was so much fun to do. The first part is lovely and painty and gluey and messy - just perfect. The putting it all together was a blast to see the picture take shape.

I only could find tissue paper with Stars on in Ilfracombe and as my background turned out a little dark I thought Alis' Midnight Garden would be a great title for it.
So I added a full moon to shine on the little star flowers.

I'm not sure how I will display this piece yet. I think it would look good in a frame but I will have to look around to get the right one.

Got my homework to do this weekend then look forward to the next weeks project.
Can't wait!


Carol said...

Glorious colours Alis, looks like you had fun, painty and messy is always a good thing

StegArt said...

I just love your results.

Michele said...

How fun, Alis! I considered taking this class but am currently taking three others and thought another one would push me right over the edge :-) Looks like it will be a great time, though!

Linda D. said...

Mmmm, gorgeous. Great colours, and so cheerful. I love getting messy and painty these days, think I'm rebelling (a bit late I know!!!) as my mum used to hate us getting dirty, lol. Sure you're going to have loads more fun! Why do I always find out about these classes too late to join in??? *sigh*

Sue B said...

Alis this is wonderful! Such great colors. I love those pink flowers.

Kim said...

Looks like it was good fun - it just glows with a wonderful sense of play.

Papoosue said...

oooh, Alis, your wonderful use of colours again, I do love it and the title is perfect! (the starry paper worked rather well, didn't it?).

The journals are lovely too, no wonder Roger has taken the leather-look one for himself. (tell him I got through the poetry assignment - eventually!). xxxx