Saturday, May 10, 2008

Exhibition at Rosemoor

Yesterday we went to RHS Rosemoor. A beautiful place to visit at any time. But at the moment there is a textile art exhibition on.
Two of the four people involved in the Kindred Spirits group I have met on the internet.
It is wonderful to meet internet friends in the real world and to meet at such a wonderful show was icing on the cake.

I didn't take photos ;0(
I was so busy looking at the work there I actually forgot. But Carol and Val tell it so much better anyway.

Val's blog has a record of all the wonderful work so you really must go over there and look.

The piece you can see here is done by Carol. I was very lucky to receive her in a swap recently.

Great exhibition by great ladies and I hope it will go on tour soon.


Cyber Fyber said...

I just adore the wonderful spirals in your Klimt inspired piece...they are one of the reasons I also admire Klimt. Your recent journals are remarkable in diversity, texture, use, and visual interest....very, very well done. Thanks for sharing.
PS Cyber Fyber ( is having a second/final round of postcard and ATC trading for new participants. Please spread the word!

Eva said...

I have given you an award! It is on my Blog:
: ) Eva