Monday, December 08, 2008

Ceiling Boss

This is the penultimate arch in the year long arch swap on Textile Challenges.
This one is for Carol Taylor.
Carol likes Gothic architecture and, a girl after my own heart, purple ;0)

This piece is based on a ceiling boss from Exeter Cathedral.

I started with black cotton velvet and bonded metallic foils to it using Bondaweb. I covered this with a black chiffon scarf and quilted it all with metallic thread.

The detail is made from 2 layers of silk paper I made a few weeks ago, on top of each other and the edges zig zagged on the sewing machine.
The very centre is beaded. Zig zag detail is used to represent the stone struts.
I'm hoping Carol will like this piece.

I will be at Exeter Cathedral tomorrow for a Carol Service. We visit at least once a year and the architecture never fails to impress me. I really enjoyed interpreting it this way.


Precious Quilts said...

This is so inspiring Alis, as all your wonderful work is to me!
Enjoy tomorrow and sing your heart out ;)

Carol said...

I am sure Carol will love it. As I am sure I will love mine.
Thankyou for your recent comment. I was pleased with the way the Robin turned out as I had not painted for a year.

Talking Horses Arts said...

I love your blog. Was cruising some friends and found you here.
Beautiful!Thanks sooo much for sharing!

Angelcat said...

I really like the colours you have used on this one, and the foiling is very effective

kiwicarole said...

Your arch is fabulous!! Love the choice of colours!