Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mayan Sun

The theme for November on Unlimited Textiles was "The Latin American Way"
I really fancied doing something bright, colourful and based round carnival.

So what happened?
Well the thing is I have a fascination for Mesoamerican cultures and elements of this just slip into my work from time to time.
In fact I am working on a body of work on this subject with my good friend Jan.
So you see the Mayan vibes just took over ;0)

The background is made up from layers of cottons and organzas. I wanted the simple quilting to represent the stone blocks used in Mayan buildings.
The sun was an important symbol to these people and mine is made from some of my handmade silk paper attached to the background with seed beads.

This quilt is now on the way to Marga in Florida. Marga lives the "Latin American Way" so I hopes she enjoys my interpretation.


Vicki W said...

It's really lovely!

Genie said...

a beautiful piece alis
happy christmas wishes from Genie

Linda D. said...

Hehe Alis, I know what you mean about things taking over and changing your plans - happens to me often, lol. Having said that, I do love this - very Mayan :)

Angelcat said...

It's wonderful, I'm sure Marja will love it!

Margarita Korioth said...

Pretty soon that quiltie will be mine, thanks Alis, can't wait to touched it and display it on my board.

Michele said...

I really like this; the colors are wonderful!