Monday, May 12, 2008

Terri Bird

Meet Terri Bird ;0)

She is my creation from the second lesson of Paper Quilting Explorations run by Terri Stegmiller.

This class is so much fun. I have had stamping with bubble wrap on my to do list for as long as I can remember but never got round to it. Well now I have done it. Yay!
I have stamped painted bubble wrap on anything that stood still.
I didn't get the dog, nearly got the cat and Roger just shouldn't have fallen asleep on that chair ;0)

The little birdy is made from scrapbook papers.
I have some lovely papers but I haven't used a stack of them as they were a little too dark for my scrapbooking. But, they make a great bird!

Part three arrives today. I can't wait.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Exhibition at Rosemoor

Yesterday we went to RHS Rosemoor. A beautiful place to visit at any time. But at the moment there is a textile art exhibition on.
Two of the four people involved in the Kindred Spirits group I have met on the internet.
It is wonderful to meet internet friends in the real world and to meet at such a wonderful show was icing on the cake.

I didn't take photos ;0(
I was so busy looking at the work there I actually forgot. But Carol and Val tell it so much better anyway.

Val's blog has a record of all the wonderful work so you really must go over there and look.

The piece you can see here is done by Carol. I was very lucky to receive her in a swap recently.

Great exhibition by great ladies and I hope it will go on tour soon.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Klimt?? Not really!

My April Arch at Textile Challenges was for Anna.
Anna likes Klimt, so do I. Anna loves the same colours as me ;0)

I had made a piece using Gustav Klimt as inspiration a while ago and was pleased to be able to do another.

I started out with purple felt and squares and oblong snippets from other fabrics I had made. I covered them with a piece of organza and my initial idea was to use my soldering iron and fuse the pieces to the felt.
I don't know what happend and will have to have another go but all I did was burn through the felt to the glass. Hmm..

Not to be beat, I covered all with a black chiffon scarf and machine stitched round the shapes. I did FME all over the background adding swirls and curls.

I finished off with a satin stitched edge.

Funnily enough this is one of those rare pieces that actually shows up better in the photo so fas as you can see the colours and shapes of the pieces underneath.
The real piece is much more subtle and you have to move it around to see what lies beneath the shimmer of the organza.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The theme for April at Unlimited Textiles was Nature inspired. We were swapping a 5" square quiltie and a bag.
I love nature and most of my work is inspired by it one way or another.

When I went to the Quilt Exhibition in March I took a mini class on needle felting so decided to use what I learnt on my little quilt.

I used clematis as my inspiration.
I roughly drew the flowers and leaves to the navy felt then used my Clover needles to felt the whispy wool to the design.
After some machine embroidery to give the flowers and leaves shape and definition I added little beads for the flower centres.

My bag was inspired by the sea and clouds. I layered strips of velvet, silk and organza then machined wavy lines all over the fabric. I added little beads to give a bit more movement and made a machine wrapped cord with some fancy wools.
The bag is just big enough to carry a moble phone on a walk.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Alis' Midnight Garden

I love Terri of StegArts work, it always makes me smile. So when I found out she was doing an online class on Paper Quilting I just had to sign up.

I have just finished my week one assignment and here it is ;0)
It was so much fun to do. The first part is lovely and painty and gluey and messy - just perfect. The putting it all together was a blast to see the picture take shape.

I only could find tissue paper with Stars on in Ilfracombe and as my background turned out a little dark I thought Alis' Midnight Garden would be a great title for it.
So I added a full moon to shine on the little star flowers.

I'm not sure how I will display this piece yet. I think it would look good in a frame but I will have to look around to get the right one.

Got my homework to do this weekend then look forward to the next weeks project.
Can't wait!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

More journals

The journal class is finished now ;0( But these will not be the last journals I make.
This class has been such good fun and the journals from the other students have all been so different.
You should be able to see them here: Journals

This brown journal is made from brown paper. It honestly looks and feels like leather.
Needless to say Roger has claimed it for his very own. He picked the button and beads.
The pockets inside are brown envelopes. It measures 9 x 6inches closed.

The 5th journal is tall and thin - just like me (not) - and is perfect for list makers. We like lists in this house ;0)
It measures 4.5 x 11.5 inches closed. It has 4 signatures inside and each one can be removed when used up and another slipped in. Great design.

Sue's classes are always great and this one has been fantastic. There will be many more journals made in my studio I am sure.