Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Waves

This is another piece of fabric I am working on. In fact to date this piece has taken 2 months!

I started it before Christmas and then.....well you know what happened.

So, the fabric base is a heavy cotton that I painted with Dye-na-flow then stencilled the lotus flower motif with Plaid Glaze.

This week I layered strips of organza on it and covered with chiffon and stitched those wavy lines. I love the way the stencil motif shows through the organza.
I stencilled a Chinese character in places with gold Plaid Glaze - a bit subtle.
Not sure but I think it will become my test run for the Padfolio swap on FAF. I'll let you know.


Sue B said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors in this. And the piece in the previous post - wow!

StegArt said...

Yes it's gorgeous!

MargaretR said...

This will make a lovely padfolio Alis.

Joanna van said...

This is a great idea for a padfolio. Lovely

Elizabeth said...

I love yuor blog! your colors and techniques are wonderful! You have really inspired me! Mags led me here and I am so grateful that she did!!