Tuesday, February 06, 2007


On ANUK this month the Chunky Book swap theme is White.
I got a little carried away with this idea and created quite a bit of background card. I used the "serendipity" technique and stuck down samples of every bit of white or nearly white paper I had. I was really happy with the results so did it again!!!
Think white will be popping up in my work for a while.
Here are some results.

This is Becky's page for the Chunky Book Page swap. I hope she likes it.
I made the textile heart from some pieces I had made for another project.
I enjoyed making it and really like the result. I will make these little embellishments again.

I am a chunky angel! Yes honest!
The idea is that if someone can't fulfil their commitment to the swap for whatever reason (and I have been there a few times recently) then an angel will help out.
So this is the second page. I will hang onto it and if it isn't needed it will go in my book at the end of the year.

And some ATC's.
Over the last month or so people have been so kind and tolerant with me and my problems so some RAK's are in order. I think these will go as RAK's.


StegArt said...

All these pieces are great!

Lara Lorelei said...

Lovely pieces as always Alis, DD laughed when I described myself as chunky angel LOL

Claire xx

Linda said...

Lovely work, as always, I used the serendipity technique for my chunky page too but it's nowhere near as nice as yours!

Oh, and welcome back - being without my pc at the moment, I know just how you felt not being online!

Alis said...

Thanks for the comments ;0)
Serendipity is such good fun and always looks great.

Hope you have your PC sorted soon Linda. Just horrible being without them isn't it.