Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flower Girls

My newsletter readers got a sneek preview of my new Flower Girl quilts but I wanted to share them here too.

Each of the little quilts (measuring 5" x 5") feature a little organza flower with a beaded centre.

I have some lovely summery colours that I am working on too.

They are for sale in my Etsy shop.


Annica said...

They're beautiful! I love the colours!

Papoosue said...

ooooh Alis, they are gorgeous!

Purple Missus said...

They are lovely Alis. I love the colours in the first one.

Sue B said...

Gorgeous Alis. I didn't realize that you had a newsletter. I've signed muyself up !

Micki said...

These are lovely Alis. Are the photos on these pieces fabric or paper, just wondering?

Kari said...

Totally splendiferous! My colours that, yum!

I hope you don't have to move home soon - what a pain!

Fred is cute planting his toys - great piccies of him.

Kari x

StegArt said...

Love both of these, the colors zing for me.

Alis said...

Thanks for your comments Micki - and everyone, glad you like them.

Thought I would answer your question here too.

The image for the top piece is a gel transfer on to cotton and stitched to the quilt.
The second image is printed onto silk and stitched to the quilt.

Hugs, Alis

Homeleightigger said...

These are so lovely Alis, small is definitely beautiful. I have a question - where do you find such lovely images? Val

Alis said...

Thanks Val,
Glad you like them.
Thanks for asking about the images . I thought I would here too.

I get the images from various places. You have to make sure they are in the public domain if you are going to use them for sale.
These are my main sources:
Basically free but if you are going to use many images from here you are asked to pay a donation towards the bandwidth used.
She puts together some fantastic images onto CD or download sheets.
Well worth the money.
Again, great images and worth the money.

Hope that helps.
Hugs, Alis