Monday, June 11, 2007

Great Swap

I have just taken part in the Etsy UK Sellers Secret Swap.

It was organised by Jo at Askey who did a marvelous job of co-ordinating all the players and making sure we didn't know who we were receiving from.

I sent this little quiltie to Tricia of Reform.
She makes fabulous art from reclaimed metal and slate.
I used my rust dyed fabric for the background as it seemed perfect for her.

I received the most gorgeous pair of earrings from Anna at Sakura Fubuki Designs.
Anna makes the most stunning jewellery - very elegant.

My lovely earrings are made from hemonite (hope I got that right) garnet and sterling silver. Anna tells me that these types of orange garnets are associated with helping you dedicate your self to "any endeavor that captures the need for awaited attention". Just perfect for me!
Anna also sent a beautiful print of buds on a willow tree. Love it.

This was a great swap and some fantastic people played. You can see more of the swap here.

Special thanks to Jo, Tricia and Anna for making this a great project.

UPDATE The garnets are Hessonite Garnet. Thank you Anna ;0)


Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Alis I am sooooo pleased you like the earrings. The drops are Hessonite Garnet ;0)


Alis said...

Nah, don't like them! Just LOVE them ;0)
Hugs, Alis

Sue B said...

Wow great stuff Alis!

Purple Missus said...

What a fantastic swap Alis - both the sending and receiving.

Peggy said...

What a wonderfull work. I like rusty fabrics too.

StegArt said...

Those earrings are gorgeous.

Micki said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful swap. The earrings are lovely and I love your rusted piece.

Homeleightigger said...

Wow Alis! I love both the quilties, the hot one looks so tactile, and the 'lady' one looks so metallic. Just gorgeous, and what beautiful earrings!.
The doodlings are a knockout too - what talent. Val

liz said...

Wow, Alis, love these and the doodles, I was thinking of taking that course, but never got round to signing up. I so wish I had, now:)
And THANKYOU for leaving nice comments on my blog, you inspire me to keep going with it.

Emmy said...

wonderful Alis and thank you for the nice comments on my blog