Monday, June 18, 2007


Well it's a funny old month this one.
I just can't seem to get much done. I have enrolled in two great courses but can't get my head down to any work. I have lots of new fabrics to play with but all I do is look at them.
And to cap it off I have so many ideas running around in my head that I just can't get a hold on any one of them to make something.

Most of this unrest comes from (as some of you know) the fact that the Landlord has put our house up for sale and we don't know if we will have to move again - sigh.
Keep your fingers and anything else crossed for me please, so I can stay here ;0)

Now if there is anywhere I can start to unwind and feel good it has to be the beach or the garden.
The beaches are busy now so I spent the weekend in the garden. It was bliss.
I had a new shed delivered so I had to reorganize everything and I got rid of anything that wasn't going to live and made a show of the things that were doing well.
I feel much better now.

Fred kept trying to plant a toy or two in the plant pots and insisting they would grow!
He managed to break two plant pots with his antics - bad dog. Oh well I needed some crocks for the bottoms of pots, just didn't need them to be posh crocks.

My friends daughter Lucy likes to pop into my blog to see if I have any pictures of the animals.
Well Mitzi wouldn't come out as it was much too hot for her but I did manage to get Fred to keep still for a few moments and capture his picture.
Hope you like them Lucy.


Linda D. said...

Alis, I do wish you well for the future, and hope so much that you can stay where you are.

Any uncertainty seems to have a similar effect on me - I'm half-expecting to drop everything at any moment and rush down to see my (yet unborn) new grand-daughter! Must be so much worse when it's your home at stake, though.

Your photos of Fred are gorgeous - I'm not a dog lover but I have to admit he does look cute!

Wishing you all the best,
hugs, Linda.

Susan D said...

I do hope you get to stay in your house. I can sympathise with you about 10 years ago our landlord wanted to sell this house and they where going to rehouse us but nothing ever came of it.

Papoosue said...

Oh Alis, I do hope you can stay where you are - my fingers are well and truly crossed for you. Just look at Fred - isn't he gorgeous! My own little Lucy took one look at him and said 'Arf!' - I think she talks 'dog'!! xxx

Sue B said...

I hope it all works out Alis and you get to stay where you are.

Fred is such a love!

Skippy said...

Aww yur doggy is a cutey. Sorry to hear about the house probs, I know what strife you had last time. Hope everything turns out ok.
Skippy xx

StegArt said...

I'll be hoping and praying for you Alis, hopefully all will work out great.

Annica said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Micki said...

Fred is a cutie. Sorry for the stress with the house. Is it possible you could buy it if it goes up for sale?

Fran├žoise said...

I really hope you can stay in your house.
Fred is so cute! My dog broke two pots last week too... you see, you're not alone!

MargaretR said...

I hope things will work out well for you Alis and you will be staying in your house and your much loved garden.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Hi Alis
Fred is such a cutey. I love those scruffy dogs.
Good luck with the house dramas - moving is horrible!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love Fred. He's so cute! I hope you get to stay in your house.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Hi Alis
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope that garden of yours is doing well and as for Fred - I love a scruffy looking dog!
Poor Sheffield and all that rain - please tell me Meadow Hall didn't get washed away????