Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting to Know You Quiltie

This is my quiltie for the Getting to Know You Swap on Unlimited Textiles.

The background fabric is hand painted cotton with layers of sari fabrics and glittery braid. The image is printed on to cotton.

The cotton I use is ready to print on. I cut the photos to size, peel off the backing and iron in place.
I don't usually stitch round the image unless it is left as a photograph and then just for decoration.
I do think however, that if the article was to be worn you would have to stitch the edge.
I get it from Crafty Computer Paper

This quiltie is going to Sandy. I hope she likes it.


Susan said...

I've so often admired your printed cotton images. You've steered me in the right direction in the past. I might just have to actually TRY this soon! Your quilties are so amazingly beautiful.
PS Thanks for the comments on my blog!

artfulzebra said...

Ooh, that's yummy, Alis, I lurve those colours! ;o)

Maz x

Cellostitcher said...

I am sure Sandy will love it.

Linda D. said...

Beautiful colours and fabrics - I just adore those sari materials!!! Must have a go at a quiltie soon too.

And thanks for your comments on my blog, much appreciated :)

Nate's Wife said...

I'm jealous of whoever gets this quiltie, and I'm not even entirely sure I know exactly what it is. But I love it!

Homeleightigger said...

I so agree with Susan Alis - just gorgeous - and those ladies you find.......! What comes first, the colours in the photoprint, or the background fabrics you use.. just wondering. Val

Sandy said...

I've admired your work on your blog for a long time and was thrilled when I saw from the list that I would get a quiltie from you. It certainly is one that I like. Can't wait to see it in person. Thanks, Sandy

Papoosue said...

How gorgeous Alis, I'm not surprised that Sandy is looking forward to receiving it!

Alis said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Might have to send you a quiltie then Nate's Wife so you know what one is ;0) Drop me an e-mail.

(What comes first, the colours in the photoprint, or the background fabrics you use.. just wondering. Val)
Good question Val!
I don't know really. Sometimes I have an image that I want to use so I look for things to go with that - this is what happened here.
Sometimes it is the other way round.
Most times I just chuck images and fabrics on the desk and take it from there.
I just love serendipity ;0)

Jill said...

Gorgeous...very autumnal, very warming and earthy..lovely stuff!
Jill x

MargaretR said...

That quiltie is fantastic as usual Alis. I am getting myself geared up to make my first one tomorrow.

meadow street said...

Oh I love quilts, I have one that just needs binding now. I like you quilties. A friend just sent me a quiltie too.

Angelcat said...

Ohh this is wonderful, you know my fave colour is orange so if Sandy doesn't like it you can pass on my address, lol!