Thursday, August 23, 2007

Second Quiltie for Unlimited Textiles

There was a little mux up with the partner list on Unlimited Textiles.
Yes, I know I did the partner lists so it is all my fault.
Maybe I should be sacked!

But it did give me an excuse - as if I really needed one - to make another quiltie.

This is the result.
The background is hand painted fabric and the motif is a little needle felted leaf.
Not that you can tell it is a leaf as I have a lot of practicing to do with the needle felting. I still think it is great fun though.

This is now on its way to Patsy or Sandy or somebody ;0?


Sue B said...

oh this is lovely Alis, love that background.

Cellostitcher said...

Lovely. I think you can be forgiven for the mix up and since when did you need an excuse to make a quiltie!

maria said...

Hi Alis,
I really love these quilts I must get round to doing some myself

Homeleightigger said...

It's just lovely Alis - and so obvious that you love making them, it really does show!! Val

Susan said...

The leaf looks really good to me...richly created and ideally placed. Your turqouoise ATCs are also quite lovely.

Thanks, also, for the comments on my blog.

Carol said...

It's absolutely gorgeous Alis.