Friday, August 03, 2007

Hive of Activity!

The room I call my studio has been a hive of activity.
I know that by the way that Roger huffs and puffs when he is playing with his hoover.
I may have mentioned it before but yes, I have a man that likes housework ;0)

It took him an hour this morning to hoover up.
We get thrown out!
Yes honestly. Me the cat and dog get shooed out into the garden.
It's a jolly good job the rain has stopped.
But we are back in now to a clean and tidy studio.
Not sure it will stay that way for long!

Anyway, as I said the studio has been busy and at
last I am excited to say that I have been able to
put some things in my Etsy shop.

As you can see there is a new Grass Garden with a Sunflower and a couple of new canvases.
I have more things to list and I am still working on ideas.

It feels great to be back on a roll and I'm sure Roger will be huffing and puffing for a while yet ;0)


Sue B said...

Love both of these pieces Alis. The top one is so rich and luxurious looking and I love the colors in that second piece.

Angelcat said...

These are gorgeous Alis. I adore the sunflower piece!

Susan D said...

I love the colours in the 2nd piece. BTW do you hire your hubby out, you could make a fortune.

sue said...

please, please, please can I borrow your husband, I love the garden & sunflower- what size is it?

Alis said...

Roger says he will do house calls but is VERY expensive!

Glad you like the garden Sue.
it measures approx 10" square and was fun to do.

MargaretR said...

Wonderful work as usual Alis. I didn't know you had not been rolling recently? It seems to me you are always on a roll. I'm just about to tell my DH what he should be doing to be an ideal husband like yours.

Homeleightigger said...

I love the sunflower Alis - it is so lively, and the beautiful subtle colours of the second piece. Is that a 'free hanging' attached to it? Val

Carol said...

Beautiful work Alis. I am not sure my Norman likes housework but he loves cooking!