Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Meet Dezdamona.
Let me tell you about her.

My hairdresser, Dez, loves Girls Aloud and in particular their song "The Promise"
He entertained the salon over Christmas with his own rendition of this song complete with all the right dance moves. I think he really should have been on the stage.

So the idea of Dezdamona was born.
I thought, at first, I would make a doll but changed my mind and decided to just make the front of a small doll and appliqué it to fabric.

The background is hand painted cotton. The base of the doll is calico, tinted with fabric pastels. Her dress is made from layers of silk and organza with free machine embroidery.

Dezdamona herself is padded and quilted to give her her lovely curves.
Her hair is made from fancy threads and yarns. She is in need of a hairdresser I think although, she has some little beads in there to give it sparkle.
Her jewellery is made from seed beads.

I have added the words "The Promise", "Starting to fade", and "Dezdamona" using transfer paper printed on the computer. A sprinkling of crystal stones adds to the glitz.

I mounted the piece onto board so it can be framed or hidden in a drawer ;0)
It measures approx 9 x 6 inches.

Oh by the way. Dez loved Dezdamona and she made lots of friends being passed around the salon.


Carol said...

What a great piece, no wonder Dez loved it, he sounds a great character

Precious Quilts said...

Oh Alis, no wonder Dez loved Dezdamona!! She is gorgeous!! Will she have some sisters?

Genie said...

Lovely work Allis.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Alis and so thoughtful - she looks like fun and it sounds like Dez is too...great stuff!
Jill x

Michele said...

She's great! I love her hair.

Margarita Korioth said...

Love her....I use to have Dezdamona's hair...till I cut it very short!!!

Papoosue said...

How cool is Dezdemona Alis! No wonder he liked it :-) And I LOVE your knitted bag - it's gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Well I should think that she got rave reviews!! She is wonderful!!