Thursday, January 15, 2009

Latest knits

I love knitting. It keeps me sane. Well according to my family nothing can keep me sane, but I love knitting just the same.

I made the bag so I would have a posh bag for Christmas Day. I finished it just in time. The outside that is, I still have to line it.
I'm not sure about the handles. They came out shorter than I expected. They are felted in with the bag so I am giving some thought as how to make them longer or replace them altogether.
I did use it on Christmas Day, however, and it matched my outfit beautifully.

Wrist warmers or fingerless mitts, whatever you call them, have become my favourite thing to make and wear

Great for dog walking as they keep my hands and wrists warm but I still have full use of my fingers. Very useful when dealing with a playful terrier!
I make mine longer than the usual ones so I can hide the tubigrips I sometimes have to wear and so don't have to answer the question "What have you done?".

I really like this pattern with the cables up the front knitted in 100% wool they are lovely and warm.
I did make a mistake however. The TV must have had an exciting moment. Can you spot it?
No prizes as it does rather leap out at you I think.

On to the next knit now ;0)


StegArt said...

Awesome bag Alis!

Vicki W said...

Love the bag! I can't find the mistake in the wrist warmers. They look like they are very warm!

Margarita Korioth said...

Beautiful bag, muy linda!!!

Sue B said...

Love that bag!

MargaretR said...

Alis I love that bag!
This morning I went for a walk and had three-quarter sleeves under my coat. I hate bare, cold wrists and I was trying to explain to DH what I meant by wrist warmers! I must make a pair before this cold snap ends.

Kim said...

The bag is lovely. I'm giving serious thought to making some wrist warmers myself - combating the cold can be a full time job!

Elizabeth said...

Your bag is beautiful and I LOVE the write fingerless warmers as well!! My hands are always cold- I must look for a pattern for these!! You have inspired me!