Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Streamlining - at last!

We were all supposed to streamline in the year 2000. weren't we?
Well we did in a way. When we moved to the West country we moved from a 3 bedroomed house with outbuildings to a one bedroom flat!
We got rid of a lot of furniture and boxes of valuable family ornaments had cloths draped over them and became coffee tables.
Thankfully that only lasted for a year.

Now I have a confession. I hardly downsized my craft stash at all. I had it all hidden away in large plastic boxes. I couldn't wait to find somewhere bigger so I could play with it all.

Over the last 7 years the stash has been added to and added to. I stopped making bears and paper took over. Of course that meant that the dyes were replaced by paints and along with all this I just had to have more rubber stamps didn't I!
So now the stash is out of hand and something has to be done.

I don't use half the rubber stamps I have now as many won't work on textiles. I should get rid of them but just haven't the heart. Back into boxes they will go and fill the under stairs cupboard.

So the first picture is the studio after becoming the Christmas dumping ground - totally unusable. The tidiest place is the scrapbooking corner, I think that is because we haven't done any scrapping for over 12 months.

I decided to start with the bookcase. It isn't the best place for it but it will have to live there for a while longer. Half way through the process I began to think it was all a bad idea but perseverance paid off.
The bookcase is now tidy, the books in categories and they are now all catalogued so I don't buy the same book twice.
I know the shelves droop, it is secondhand after all. A new bookcase will go on the needs list.

It is a good start I feel. And as you can see Mitzi Cat thinks so too.

Now on to the rest of it ---- oh my!!


English Rose said...

oh my! go for it Alis, you will feel so much better afterwards. And you will likely find lots of wonderful stuff you had forgotten you had - and then get sidetracked cos you just have to have a little play....
happy new year, and good luck!

Ati. Norway. said...

Good of you! We all grow out of our studio's from time to time. Hobbies change and we need other stuff ;-)

MargaretR said...

Just wrote you and lost it! Downsized years ago, but I have a large messy loft and will not be getting rid of any stuff. It needs a tidy up after every project as it does now.
I love your arches and birdies. Terri's class was great and I also bought her new book.

Carol said...

One of the best things about tidying up my studio is I always find things I forgot I had. Which reminds me mine needs tidying again!

Your book shelves look lovely and tidy and organised.

Love the arches and birds - they are sweet.

Linda D. said...

Well done!! I started sorting out my own mess in the new year but after a couple of sessions I had enough room to work in again, so I stopped lol!!! Must do some more... thanks for the nudge!!!

Elizabeth said...

Well Alis! I can see that you ahve gotten brave and posted your art mess to your blog as well. I did the same and I have not made much progress since!! SIGH!!!! Why is it so very hard for us to get rid of things that we no longer use????
I am sure that you will do much better at your task than I ahve at mine!!