Monday, September 12, 2011

Etsy and Backgrounds

At last I have something in my Etsy shop again.  It sure feels good, even if I don't sell anything I have enjoyed the process.
Oh so rusty though.  How can you forget so much?? How to describe your work without sounding big headed or making it sound like rubbish!  A difficult path to walk - I love my paintings.  I hope others love to look.

So these are the new Fairy Folk in my shop:

Waterfall Fairy

Thoughtful Pixie
You can find out more about at my Etsy Shop.

On my last post Denise asked what I did next with the background.  I thought I would answer here as I wanted to show what the paint looks like before it is stencilled and stamped.

I scribbled watercolour crayons over the background, I used water to move the colour around and then smooshed white acrylic around so it all mixed together.  This gives a soft colour and a good ground to stencil on. 

I will show you how it looks when finished later this week.

I hope that helps Denise.  We are all learning and I hope I always will find those techinques I never thought of myself.

Hugs Alis

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Anonymous said...

These really are lovely, you've developed a great style. x