Monday, September 26, 2011

Fairy Queens and Mermaids

My Fairy Queen (at last) is finished.   She took a while - royalty cannot be rushed - but I really enjoyed creating her.

My original idea was that she would be looking back at a clock, a bit like Cinderella.  But she wanted to be in the woods and carrying the key to her heart.

I have started work on a new mermaid.

  She is a little cheeky looking but I love her already  ;0)

This Mermaid has just entered my shop.

She is created on A3 Canson paper and is ready to be framed.

My gorgeous daughter and granddaughter are on the way here for a few days.  Toby has to work so cannot be with us this time.  We will miss him but we are looking forward to lots of Tabitha cuddles ;0)

Sending hugs, Alis

PS:  Nearly forgot!!  Lovely Tam of Willowing along with 15 other tutors will be running a year long art course starting in January.  It looks awesome!  Click on the badge in the margin to find out more.
A  xxx


Janelle said...

Enjoy visiting with your family! I love all three of these pieces. I like the sparkly bits and all the texture and layers that you achieve.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) Enjoy the family visit, hope all goes well x

JessiVille said...

Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful! I love all three of your lovelies! I thought it was great when you said that royalty can't be rushed, lol. I know you will have a wonderful time visiting with your daughter and granddaughter!

Jessi xox

Tammie said...

they are each gorgeously wonderful!

Val said...

Absolutely wonderful Alis - all three - I just love those backgrounds too and you have such an eye for detail! Hope your family time together went well - I'm sure you had lots of baby hugs!

Alison said...

Your mermaids are wonderful - I love the textures you use in your backgrounds... so beautiful

Kristin said...

Hi Alis!
Thank you for your visit and interest in The Summer of Color! I am so looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work when you get back, Kristin xo