Monday, September 05, 2011

North Devon Fairy Folk

I love to walk round the area I live in, it is such a beautiful place.
Rolling hills and patchwork fields. Crumbling cliffs and racing surf.  Beautiful woodlands.

Sometimes I fancy that I catch a little glimpse in the corner of my eye of pixies picking Devon Violets, a flash of a silver mermaid tail or pretty fairies playing in the woods.

These are the North Devon Fairy Folk.

I love to paint these ideas and I hope you enjoy looking at them ;0)

 Some of these beauties will be appearing in my Etsy Shop very soon.  I'll let you know when ;0)
Hugs. Alis


Janelle said...

I love seeing your fairy folk. They are always so beautiful and mysterious.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your glimpses of the fairy folk, they are wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

They are just gorgeous Alis - and beautifully executed.
Jill x

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful, I adore your little folk. x

Denise said...

I love your work!

Val said...

Particular love the waterfall in the last one Alis.